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We offer Residential and Commercial mortgages.

Residential Mortgage

Fixed Rate Mortgages

Wide ranges of fixed rate mortgage programs are available, including 10, 15, 20 and 30 year programs. We can custom fit our borrowers to the one that best meets their immediate and long terms financial goals.

Adjustable Rate Mortgages

Many different adjustable rate mortgages are available, with varying rates and terms. We can help evaluate the individual needs of our borrower.

Interest only Mortgages

Borrower wants to pay only interest on mortgage amount.

Loan Application Checklist for Residential loan.

  • Original W-2 (2 years) and last four weeks’ pay stubs.

  • Rental history (VOR or cancelled checks).

  • Employment addresses (2 year history).

  • Contract of sale

  • Bank statements for the last two months

  • Loans: Lender name, address, account number and balance (Refinance)

  • Real Estate owned: Addresses, value and loan information

  • Self-Employed: CPA letter or Two year's tax returns

  • Tax returns if you are a 1099 employee.

  • Copy of green card.

Lending Process

  • At Richa Mortgage Co. you will benefit by working with an experienced and knowledgeable people.

  • You won’t face any hidden surprises on the closing table

  • Our associate has the ability to qualify you in minutes through our loan approval system. Our associate is empowered to issue “on the spot” credit decisions for you, with the least amount of information required in the industry.

What to bring to your loan closing

  • Yourself and your spouse (if married)

  • Your checkbook for any incidental costs

  • Certified check for closing/settlement cost

Commercial Financing

The Richa Mortgage Company also offers Commercial Financing. The owner and associates of the company are dedicated and our services and products are designed to exceed the expectations of our customers by adding ease, convenience, and value to the real estate transaction.

Property Types:

  • Multi Family Properties / Apartment Buildings (5 Residential Units and Up)

  • Mixed Use Loans (Combination of Commercial and Residential Units)

  • Restaurants with or without Liquor License

  • Office Buildings

  • Hotel/Motel /Rooming House

  • Strip Malls

  • Industrial Buildings

  • Churches (Minimum Loan Amount $500,000.)

  • Warehouses

  • Automotive Service Business (Owner Occupied)

  • Construction And Renovation Projects

Financing Types:

  • 3 Year ARM; 5 Year ARM and 10 Year ARM: 15 to 30 Year Term / Amortization*

  • 5 Year and 10 Year Balloon; 25 Year Amortization*

  • 10 Year, 15 Year and 20 Year Fixed Rate* *Subject to borrower / property qualifying SBA LENDING (U.S. Small Business Administration)

Almost any type of solte proprietorship, partnership or corporation is eligible for an SBA loan. While some criteria may vary depending on the type of business, generally speaking, businesses with the following parameters are eligible for the SBA Guaranteed Loan program.

  • Commercial Real Estate Loans to Owners who occupy 51% or more of the Building.

  • Franchise business like Dunkin Donuts, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Subway, Quizno’s etc.

  • Retailers And Service Businesses

  • Wholesalers

  • Manufacturers

You may borrow through the SBA program* for virtually any purpose related to starting or purchasing a business or making improvements to an existing one. Loans for speculation or investment are not eligible.

The following loan types are eligible:

  • Real Estate Purchase with business or Refinance

  • Equipment Purchase

  • Inventory

  • Working Capital

  • Leasehold Improvements


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